Chili Piper alternative

Chili Piper alternative

Looking for a Chili Piper alternative? Booka is designed especially for Sales and Customer Success teams. You can qualify leads, brand your booking pages en set up smart CRM integrations. Use automated workflows to increase conversion & customer satisfaction.

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Why choose Booka over Chili Piper?

Finding the right tool for your business is difficult and this might lead you to compare Chili Piper to Booka. Chili Piper has a large focus on marketing and most of its features revolve around this space. Booka, on the other hand, is specifically designed for Sales and Customer Success teams. Booka’s is focused on increasing your conversion rate and customer satisfaction

More customizability

In Booka you can customize everything you want. Change all the notifications, setup your booking page in different languages and create advanced forms.

Additional CRM support

Chili Piper has a good integration with Salesforce. Booka, however, also has great integrations with other CRM systems such as Hubspot and Pipedrive.

Insightful reporting

Chili Piper's reporting lacks some of the features you need to get good insights into how your teams are performing. Booka reports give you a good overview of your best performing


Both Booka and Chili Piper offer a free plan. Booka’s generous free-tier option contains a lot of the basic functionalities businesses need. However, in order to get the most out of Chili Piper, its expensive additional modules are required. Small to medium-sized enterprises might find that Booka is a better fit for their budget. 

Booka is the smart solution


Both Booka and Chili Piper support the ability to qualify leads. Booka takes a step further and supports complex qualification rules based on custom IFTT (If This Then That) rules. 

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