Qualify leads before scheduling a meeting

With Booka you can qualify a lead or prospect by asking them a set of questions. Based on the answers they will be assigned to the correct sales rep and can schedule a meeting directly.

1. Qualify your leads

Setup qualification questions like company size, industry, etc. so you can pre-qualify a lead or prospect before you speak to them.

2. Automatically assign to sales rep

Based on the answers the lead has given you can automatically assign the lead to the right sales agent and show the corresponding calendar.

3. Plan meeting directly

The lead or prospect can instantly book a meeting with the assigned sales agent on a time they both are available.

Qualify leads with Booka

Qualify leads to boost conversion

Using Booka's unique qualification rules to setup a meeting, meaning less work for the sales team and a better experience for the lead. They can book a meeting directly and are connected to the right person.

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