Free Meeting Room Scheduling

Free Online Meeting Room Scheduling

With Booka you can avoid all the hassle and conflicts that arise when dealing with meeting rooms. Use our simple booking online meeting scheduling software to automate the process.

1. Book meeting rooms directly

All team members can quickly and easily book a meeting room. Prefer to use your phone, tablet or PC? Booka is optimised to work on any device

2. Avoid miscommunications

Our real-time solution allows you to instantly see what meeting rooms are available. Use Booka to avoid awkward double-bookings of meeting rooms.

3. Get started for free

Get started started with Booka's online meeting room scheduler for free. You can created unlimited booking pages for every meeting your have.

Free online meeting room scheduling

Simplify meeting room scheduling

Using Booka's simple and easy-to-use online meeting room scheduling software you can focus on what matters. Allow your team to focus on your business. Booka takes care of providing a clear overview of your meeting rooms' availability.

Why users love Booka

Customize everything

Theme, colors, images, languages, etc. Just about everything on your personal Booka page can be customized

Bring your tools

Every business is unique and every business has their own set of tools. At Booka we integrate with just about all of them

Powerful Workflows

Make Booka fit perfectly into your business by creating custom workflows to automate all parts of the process


Different leads require different contact points. Add your own qualification rules to make sure all end up in the correct flow

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