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Our smart automated scheduling will change the way you and your team work. Integrate with other tools and create awesome workflows to get a full customer profile.

Connect Booka to your favorite tools for the best workflows
Plug and play

Easily integrate with your most important apps

Integrate Booka with other tools to create seamless workflows. Connect with different kind of software, such as:
- Agenda
- Accounting
- Payments
- Webconference
- Communication
- E-mailmarketing

Sync Booka
Plan meetings with ease using Booka

Sync your calendars

Integrate different calendars like Google calendar or Microsoft Office and automate the way you schedule meetings with prospects and customers.


Integrate with your CRM

Connect your CRM to Booka and create automated workflows so you and your team can focus on the task at hand. Serving clients and closing leads. Connect to tools like HubSpot, Pipedrive and Teamleader.

Qualify leads easily with Booka
Plan meetings with ease using Booka

Speed up your administration

Connect to your accountancy tool like Exact Online and automate the way you work when it comes to doing administrative work.


Get paid faster

Integrate with different payment providers such as Stripe and Mollie and send out invoices instantaneously so you get paid faster.

Qualify leads easily with Booka
Plan meetings with ease using Booka

Online presence

Use different webconference tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting or Google Meet to meet up with your customers. Customers book a meeting and a link is automatically send to them.


Simplify your communication

Connect to different communication tools like Slack and get notified for certain meetings.

Qualify leads easily with Booka
Plan meetings with ease using Booka

The right message at the right time

Connect to different e-mail marketing tools and automate your email flows. Always send the right message to a specific customer at the right time. Fully automated.

How we help

Automated scheduling to
scale your business

Easily synchronize your agenda and create seamless workflows to automate the way you schedule meetings so you can focus on the task at hand. Connect with your CRM to get a 360 degree view of your leads and customers.

Synchronize agenda's

Modernize your (corporate) email account with automated scheduling

Fully customizable

Use your company branding for brand recognition

Extensive reporting

See which efforts are gaining revenue and how your teams are performing

Connect with other tools

Integrate Booka in your software suite and boost productivity

Automated workflows

Use automated workflows to schedule meetings and keep leads/customers in the loop

Boost conversion & customer satisfaction

Let prospects and customers directly schedule meetings with ease

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