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Easy and automated meeting scheduling​

Booka helps you schedule meetings with prospects and customers without the back-and-forth emails. Designed for Sales & Customer Success teams to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.​

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What we offer

Automated scheduling to grow your business

Easily synchronize your agenda and create your own, branded booking page. Scheduling a meeting has never been more easy, for you and the customer. Customize and automate your workflows and integrate with your CRM.

why booka

More conversions and revenue​

Use Booka's advanced qualification rules to schedule fff with the right person. Based on your own specific questions you can pre-qualify a lead so they can instantly book a meeting with the right agent. This will convert more prospects into meetings and increase revenue. ​

Increase conversion with Booka
Plan more meetings easy

Better customer experience​

Easily book meetings with your customers and automatically update your CRM. Giving you more time to provide excellent customer service and a full picture of the customer journey. ​


Easy scheduling​​

Schedule appointments without hassle and automate the way you have meetings with leads, prospects and clients. No more manually following-up on meetings while increasing show rates. Automate reminders, manage no shows, easily reschedule, setup buffers between meetings, round robin and more.​

Schedule meetings with ease
Complete your workflow with Booka

Synchronize your workflows​

Synchronize Booka with your agenda's and other tools like your CRM. Automatically send meeting links and invite your team to streamline the way you schedule meetings company-wide.​

How we help

Stop wasting time
scheduling meetings

Booka helps you schedule meetings with team members, clients and prospects without the hassle of finding the perfect time. We'll take care of that, so you can focus on the important stuff

Synchronize agenda's

Modernize your (corporate) email account with automated scheduling of meetings

Fully customizable

Use your company branding for brand recognition

Extensive reporting

See which efforts are increasing revenue and how your teams are performing

Connect with other tools

Integrate Booka in your software suite and boost productivity

Automated workflows

Use automated workflows to schedule meetings and keep leads/customers in the loop

Boost conversion & customer satisfaction

Let prospects and customers directly schedule meetings with ease

We were losing so much time scheduling meetings with leads. With Booka we're not only saving time, but also increased our sales conversions dramatically.

Stefan Rekers
Head of Business development
Sync Booka
Plug and play

Easily integrate with your most important apps

Integrate Booka with other tools to create seamless workflows between your agenda and CRM.

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